4 Reasons You Should Buy Your Older Loved One an iPhone

Although at first glance, an iPhone may seem nothing more than an extravagant phone, the truth is that it can be so much more. For many people, their iPhone is an integral part of their lives that they depend on for a wide variety of reasons. And while you may only think that these kinds of devices appeal to younger generations, think again. If you’ve been looking for a gift to buy your older loved one, then an iPhone just might make the perfect choice.

Ease of Use

Some technology is harder to navigate than others. The iPhone is known for its extremely user-friendly interface. Because they have such an intuitive design, it makes the perfect choice for your older family members who may not be very tech-savvy. 

If you have an older loved one living in an assisted living facility, for example, they may be particularly in need of something simple to navigate. Giving them an overly complicated phone with too many bells and whistles will only lead to confusion and potentially not even using their phone.


One of the most common challenges about getting older is feeling disconnected from the world around you.  Since you get out less than you used to in your younger years, it’s not uncommon for feelings of isolation to set in. 

That’s why an iPhone is perfect for staying in touch with friends and family members thanks to iMessage and FaceTime. These communication features make it easy to communicate with anyone in the world for free as long as they’re also on an iPhone. For older loved ones with family abroad, this can be the perfect choice for avoiding hefty phone bills.

Health Features

Perhaps one of the most notable features that could be of particular interest for a senior citizen are the health and safety apps. iPhones boast all sorts of different features that can be particularly beneficial for monitoring the well-being of your loved one. Your loved ones can set medication reminders in a few clicks, and track their most important health metrics thanks to the built-in health app. 

Lastly, paired with an Apple Watch, you can even set up fall detection. In the event that your loved one falls, they have the option to make an SOS call and get the help they need immediately.


Thanks to the App Store there is quite literally an app for just about anything you need. This can be great for entertainment purposes, whether your loved one enjoys playing games, or streaming films, there are plenty of apps that can promise hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. What’s more, many of them are free which is always a plus!