Why invest in a CMS website design?

CMS or content management system is a type of website design different from the traditional type of websites. Traditional websites require the understanding and knowledge of coding in creating one and you need an expert skilled in making one if you want a website for yourself or your business. Websites powered by a content management system do not require an expert as you can create a website for yourself on your own, a little bit of coding knowledge would come in handy but a CMS website is the most user-friendly website design available in the market and it has many advantages. If you want to build a CMS website, contact 5ive media as they are good at CMS website design. The following are some of the reasons why you should invest in a CMS website design.


A CMS website is user-friendly because it drops all the technicalities that go into creating a website for its users. We all know how complicated and strenuous is the process of creating a website, apart from this, a regular person can’t even think about making one on his own as he lacks the knowledge in coding. A CMS website will help its users to fully take control of their website design and interface as they can add and remove features according to the need of the hour.

Multiple Users

Another reason why you should invest in a CMS website is because it allows multiple user control. You don’t need an expert website builder to make changes and adjustments to your website every time the opportunity arises. CMS website allows you to make several users in charge of the website and also remove them. Multiple user features will help you effectively manage different roles in the company as each can use and fix the website according to their needs.


A CMS website is optimized according to the search engine already. It will allow the businesses and users the opportunity to show higher in search engine results. Search engine optimization happens at two levels, off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Off-page SEO is already taken care of in CMS Website. A CMS website gives its users the power to control and manage their content.

There are many other advantages of having a CMS website such as the ability to add or remove pages according to the needs and wants of the business without compromising the structure of the whole website. Regular updates and upgrades also enhance the features and ability of a CMS website.

Importance of Digital Marketing in 2020 to grow your business

Digital marketing is a very essential part of running a successful business in today’s competitive marketplace. It allows you to set up your brand in the marketplace, engage with consumers, increase brand loyalty, differentiate your business, and deliver many other benefits.

Digital marketing involves ads to the business via different channels, including social networking, forums, newspapers, web advertisement, search engines and mobile phones. They are very distinct from conventional advertising, which involve the usage of some creative technologies.

Digital Marketing is the promotion of the goods utilizing emerging media. A successful digital marketing campaign promotes the company’s corporate goals. Ottawa Web Design explains to you in this article how web design impacts different facets of online marketing.           

How will digital marketing can affect your business?

  1. Build Brand Reputation

It is important to interact with your customers on a regular basis. Interacting with customers offers you a opportunity to receive input from the customer about how the product or service is doing.

By caring for your clients, you will develop a strong brand image. Reputation is damaged not because the company has not hit the demand in one go, but because you didn’t know for the customers who purchased the goods after selling it.

  • Cost-Effective Strategies

Businesses operating with minimal resources and labour force will allow use of digital approaches to achieve effective leadership. Promoting and selling a company allows things possible to advertise digitally and feel comfortable in your hands.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can also use automation for most of their marketing strategies rather than set up an in-house team of experts.

  • Scope for improvisation

Digital marketing allows you to achieve masses through social media, e-mail and mobile apps. You communicate the information of your goods and services across these mediums and, in effect, you have the opportunity to question your consumers about their apps and other data. We will also have reviews on the products or services and ask for improvements in the same manner.

Yeah, it’s a nice way to receive an honest view from consumers. You will improvise and improve the products or services on the basis of input from various outlets to making them more viable. It has been observed that brands that take consumer reviews seriously and make improvements are now winning consumers’ confidence and becoming more successful.

  • Generate Better Revenues

Businesses using initiatives and optimizing their brand products or services generate better profits than those without any digital presence. Digital is game-changing for a number of reasons. First of all, you are going out to your clients. Second, you notify them regarding your brand or service. Finally, you are urging them to take action.

Instead of interacting and engaging with your users globally through digital tools, you don’t have to reach them personally. Online marketing is almost like energy for a company because it tackles certain problems and offers a head start to sales and promotions.

  • Earn Trust

Although digital platforms open up endless benefits for entrepreneurs, they can equivalently impact the reputation of a brand if they are not well managed. With a strong websites or social media channel, you can build trust in the marketplace. Consumers will know like they can reach out to a company anytime they know like it.

As well, if folks get to see your advertisements, photos, campaigns, and emails every single day, they’ll know that you’re active and that you’ll be on their feed every day. Collect feedback on your social platforms, as this will give your customers a sense of security.


The web design is having a significant effect on the whole digital marketing campaign. Web design plays a critical role in how the company is viewed, from the online user interface to branding, SEO, and social media outreach.

You can get more information on how to develop a Digital Marketing Plan if you still face any queries. You can contact Web Development Ottawa.

PowerPoint –How to Make Your Presentation More Engaging

PowerPoint is a familiar presentation tool among students and professionals to help empower their message. It is a valuable software program for teaching, sharing, and learning. A presenter needs to be a compelling storyteller to hold the attention of his audience.

This presentation tool helps you to design professional-looking presentations. It allows you to leave a long-lasting impression as a storyteller. Therefore, PowerPoint enables you to customize your presentation with real-time suggestions.

Turn on your projector and collaborate with anyone and anywhere. To enjoy the maximum benefits, HiSlide has come up with a wide range of pre-designed presentation themes and templates. You can customize your presentation depending upon your topic and message that you want to convey.

  • PowerPoint brings out the best in you

To become a storytelling powerhouse, your content and message should be well- presented. Let’s take a look at how-

  • Present with confidence

The main factor that plays a significant role is how confident you are in front of your audience. Half of your confidence is right there if you are clear about your message that you want to convey and the rest of it depends upon your presentation visuals. Make sure they are appealing enough.

  • Leave a prolonging impression

You can’t deny the fact that a well-crafted presentation always proves to be a winner. With so many themes and templates to try your hands on, make a lasting impression that helps you stand out.

  • Easy to collaborate

You can easily share your presentation with others to edit, view, or share comments with just one click. You can grant permission as per your needs. You can easily manage your PowerPoint Presentation file and can easily view others performing changes in it. It is easy to find out where your presentation needs changes with the help of other collaborators online.

  • Popular Uses of PowerPoint

This tool is extremely helpful if you are assigned a PowerPoint project. Here are some of its uses-

  • Use PowerPoint in seminars, business presentations, lectures, sales pitches, and other group activities.
  • Use to create tutorial slideshows and videos.
  • Use to make infographics, visual resumes, and other graphics.
  • Use PowerPoint to make photo slideshows.
  • You can also use PowerPoint in trade show booths and kiosks.
  • Tips for PowerPoint Presentation

Don’t forget to keep in mind the below-mentioned tips and tricks while editing your presentation-

  • PowerPoint is just a tool. It is your creativity that how you are going to use it.
  • Make some changes in your downloaded template
  • Insert the text by keeping your message in mind
  • Keep your text and objects properly aligned
  • You can better use PowerPoint’s shapes
  • Customize shapes
  • Crop the image to transform into new designs
  • Insert links within the content
  • Keep it simple
  • Embed multimedia such as videos, animations
  • Keep your hardware to access it anywhere
  • Presentation Blunders to avoid
  • No need for unnecessary animations or transitions
  • Your content must include your message
  • Don’t share your presentation copies
  • Content should not exceed and look like a chapter

Your PowerPoint presentation must compliment your speech. It is essential to identify the main goal of your message. Avoid inserting cheesy graphics as much as you can. It is important to keep eye contact with the audience to keep them more engaged.

For more engaging presentation, go through the following tips and tricks-

  • Avoid giving a lengthy explanation
  • Change the tone of your voice depending upon the audience and message that you want to convey
  • Discuss with your expert panel before presenting yourself
  • Include questions in your presentation to involve the audience
  • Embed images and videos to make it more attractive

Your presentation works the best when followed the Rule of Three.

  • Showcase a compelling structure to your audience
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep your audience engaged

Due to its versatile and robust nature, PowerPoint rules every concentration even today. With the increase in competition, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, Slidebean, Visme, or other presentation software has grabbed giant market share.